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About Kannada Sangha QLD


 Kannada  Sangha of Queensland Inc. (KSQ), is a not-for-profit organisation  incorporated under the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland. It  aims to promote and preserve ‘Kannada’, the language of Karnataka State  through cultural and linguistic activities and thereby educate the  younger generation of the rich culture and heritage of Karnataka State  in Southern India.

KSQ was incorporated in 2004, although it was in existence since 1995, as ‘Kannada Sangha’, an association of a small number of Kannadigas with a view to promoting Kannada culture and language. Since then, it has grown in numbers and expanded its forum. 

KSQ is a voluntary organisation which is primarily run on donations and membership fees from Kannada families, patrons of Kannada language and other general public. The organisation is run by a committee of members who volunteer their time and effort to meet and organise events. 

The purpose of KSQ is to organise get-togethers, provide a forum for adults, as well as youngsters in Australia to keep in touch with their language and showcase their talent in arts, literature and cultural activities of Karnataka.

To bring an air of festivity into the routine of everyday life, KSQ organises and celebrates major festivals such as Ganesha Chaturthi, Deepavali, Kannada Rajyotsava and Ugadi. These festivals promote a sense of awareness and inculcate in the youth born in Australia, the values and traditions that go along with them. 

In addition, KSQ organises yearly picnics and supports the screening of Kannada movies on a regular basis. These social gatherings and events provide an opportunity for Kannadigas to meet people of their own community and network with each other. 

KSQ is also a registered member of the Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ) and participates in various community events such as Independence Day and Republic Day Celebrations.

  KSQ has organised numerous cultural activities and has encouraged participation by children and adults in a variety of entertainment programs such as singing, dancing, quizzes and dramas that highlight the culture of Karnataka. 

On some occasions, KSQ has also organised music and other entertainment programs featuring artists from Karnataka. KSQ intends to extend its service beyond Kannada community and engage in wider community services like food service at temples, blood donation camps, volunteering work and community awareness session to name a few. 

Through the kind patronage and support of its members as well as the general public, KSQ hopes to grow and flourish into a thriving organisation and achieve its objectives and expand its activities to new horizons in the future.

 The Executive Committee is excited to serve the Kannada community and to promote multiculturalism with continued support from local community of Queensland.   

Executive Team for 2019-20.


Kannada Sangha of Queensland Inc. (KSQ), takes immense pleasure in announcing the new Executive Team for 2019-20. 

President - Mr Krishna Avadhani

Vice President – Mr Preetham Krishna.
Secretary – Mr. Chandra Shekar Munintappa  

Treasurer – Mr. Sateesha Nelamangala
Public Relation Officer –  Mrs. Sneha Shurpali

Committee Member 1 –  Mr. Praveen Kumar 

Committee Member 2 –  Mr. Anil Kumar  

Committee Member 3 –  Mr. RamaPrasad Bellur 

Committee Member 4 –  Mrs. Shweta Milind 

President 's Message



I am honored to have been elected as  The President of Kannada Sangha Queensland for 2019-2020.  I wish to thank the Kannada community for having entrusted this august responsibility onto me.  

The new executive committee is all enthused and motivated to serve the Kannada community to the best of their abilities.

We will try our best to meet up to the high expectation placed on us and will endeavor to uphold the traditions and rich culture of  Karnataka in the events that we will be holding during the 2019-2020 year.  

We seek the participation of our vibrant community in the cultural events that we are planning to hold during the course

of the 2019-2020.

Best Regards,

Krishna Avadhani